Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction or dental extraction is the removal of tooth from the mouth. This can also be the basis for future cosmetic dental treatments. There are many factors involved in making the determination that a tooth must be extracted. When a tooth extraction is performed the area is numbed, and a simple extraction is handled quickly, and pain free. We know that the idea of extraction can cause anxiety, but you can depend on our doctors to provide a comfortable experience when performing the extraction.

The following conditions may require tooth extraction procedure:

  • Teeth that are rotten which cannot be repaired to prevent infection.
  • For orthodontic treatment, a tooth needs to be removed to create space.
  • Damaged teeth brought about by injuries such as trip or falls and sports accidents.
  • Gum disease that affects the tissues and sockets in the gum that hold the teeth in place making it to become loose.
  • Overcrowded teeth which is the result of having a smaller jaw.
  • Eruption of wisdom teeth which can affect the positioning and spacing of other teeth.