Pediatric Dentistry

We’re happy to see you and your children at our clinic. We work hard to make each dental visit fun and kid-oriented because we believe that oral healthcare need not be a scary experience for your child. As a parent I know how your children can dread visiting the dentist, but here at the clinic we specialize in gentle, loving care.

Proper Care Starts Early

Gently clean your baby’s gums after each feeding with a soft, damp washcloth. Make this a part of your routine and gently introduce the pattern of oral cleaning right from the start

When your child develops a baby’s first milk tooth or after the first birthday, they are ready to see the dentist. This allows us a better chance of preventing any dental problems.

Morning appointments are best for your child’s first visit. Coming from a good night’s sleep, your child is more rested and much more cooperative in the morning. Also, morning appointments will not pose conflicts on your child’s mealtimes or naps.

PediatricWhat happens on your baby’s first visit?

The first dental visit is as important as his or her first steps. Your child’s teeth and gums will be checked for signs of tooth decay or other problems. We evaluate whether the facial bones and teeth are developing properly, or if there are hidden decay.

How should you engage your little one to his or her first dental visit?

It’s important that parents talk about the first appointment in a positive way. Do not use dental visits as punishments. Just the same, never let anyone tell your child scary stories about seeing the dentist. Make your child understand that having his teeth and gums checked is good for him or her.

Pediatric dental emergency

Injuries to children’s teeth are stressful for both children and their parents. It is best to contact your dentist immediately should your child need urgent dental treatment. Prompt treatment leads to better chances of treating and saving your child’s teeth.

Rinse your child’s mouth with lukewarm water and gently apply cold compress to reduce swelling. Never apply heat or aspirin directly on the tooth or gums. Aspirin is acidic and may cause burns or stings.

If your child has something lodged in between his teeth, gently remove it using a dental floss. Do not use any sharp tool or metal to remove it.

PediatricBroken, Chipped or Knocked Out Tooth

Find the tooth and rinse it with clean water. Be careful not to touch it by the root; handle it by the crown only. Do not use soap to clean it. If possible, put it back in its socket and gently hold it steady with a clean cloth. If you’re unable to do it, place it in a clean container with cold water or milk. Do not wrap it in tissue or in a cloth. The tooth should not be allowed to dry. Your child should visit the dentist at the earliest to save the tooth.

Loose Tooth

Loose tooth should be removed to avoid your child from swallowing or choking from it. Encourage your child to remove it himself. Only he knows how much discomfort he can stand.

"The next time you are looking for a great dental office, stop by Rancho Peñasquitos Dental Center. Dr Kerrian and Dr medina are wonderful and the staff is really caring… They listen to your concerns and work to ensure that you are comfortable. They talk over the procedures with you and you know how much it will cost before the work begins.
I see Dr Medina and my wife and children see Dr Kerrian. They also do braces for the kids. When they are through, it’s my turn!"
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